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Location of Job: Newnan, GA
When: Oct 5, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Quick Repair: Re-caulk, Re-nail, and Re-seal Rusty Nails & Missing Shingles
Brief Explanation We did a free roof inspection for John and found he had several small issues that could turn into leaks. We proposed to caulk the rusted nail heads, re-nail the missing/ falling shingles, and re-seal several wind lifted shingles and the pipe boot. We used NP1 to caulk and seal all the vulnerable areas, and 1 1/4" nails to properly reattach the loose shingles. It turned out very well.

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John Mueller Said This About Our Company

John Mueller

Newnan, GA

Date: Nov 11, 2015
I feel like he did a good job. He showed me the before photos before he did anything and then showed me after pictures to make sure that I was satisfied. I feel the work he did was good quality.

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Client Testimonial
When Robert knocked on our door offering a free roof inspection I really didn't think he'd find anything. But we were both surprised when he showed us a video of several damaged areas on the roof. Our adjuster came out and approved a new roof,… ~ J. Mark - Newnan, Georgia


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This customer was very pleased at the HD video we did of the roof to show the areas of concern, as well as the before and after photos showing the work we’d done.

He knew exactly what needed to be done, why it did, and how it looked when finished. We do what needs to be done to keep our customers happy.