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Got a leak in your chimney in Fayetteville? You’ve come to the right site. E.M. Blue Inc. does all sorts of roof repairs. We specialize in all things roofing. We have over 20 years of roofing experience, and our expertise is still growing! We do everything from flat roof repairs, to custom chimney caps! We want to help you with your roofing needs!

Continue reading about this chimney leak in Fayetteville that we completely fixed and promised our 100% no leak guarantee.

Leaking Chimney

chimney leak fayettevilleThis client found us through our website. We met the client at his home to check out the job. We walked through everything that needed to be done and I began the job May 24, 2013.

The customer had a leak in their home that was coming through the sheetrock above the fireplace. They wanted this leak fixed so they wouldn’t have to worry about the water damage. We bid to replace all the flashing and shingles around the chimney. We also told the customer that we needed to replace the obvious rotten decking below the chimney. Replacing this rotten decking below the chimney would stop the leak for good.

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We first tore out all the old shingles and tar paper. We then tore out the old trough flashing and rotten decking. Once we got off all the shingles, we noticed that there was more rotten decking than we had expected, so this part took a bit longer than we originally expected. After replacing the decking with new plywood, we installed new ice and watershield underlayment. We then installed the new shingles with the new step flashing going between each shingle. To finish, we installed the counter flashing and painted it to match the chimney. This chimney was on a low slope roof. That was different because we usually flash chimneys that are on much steeper roofs.

If you see brown or yellow water marks on your ceiling near your fireplace, you probably have a leaking chimney. Not to worry! E.M. Blue can fix your leaking chimney in 30214 fast! This job took one day to complete, and the customers were completely satisfied. They were excited to have no more leaks and they loved how the counter flashing matched the chimney.

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