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Shingle Leak Around The Chimney

chimney shingle repair Peachtree CityWe do chimney shingle repairs in Peachtree City! If you have a chimney leak in Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Newnan, or the surrounding areas, call E.M. Blue Inc. Roofing today! We can fix any of your roof repairs, just give us a call! This customer had a problem with their chimney, so they called us and we were able to head out to fix it! This job took place July 11, 2013


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The client had a chimney leak that he wanted fixed. The moisture was ruining new sheetrock inside the house. We bid to redo the chimney chase (the shingles around the base of the chimney) with new flashing, new underlayment, and new shingles.

Repairing these Chimney Shingles

In order to complete this job, we tore off all the old shingles. As we did this, we were careful to spare the existing shingles so that we could tie back into them with new shingles. We tore out the old felt paper and flashings and installed new ice and water shield underlayment as we do in all shingle repairs. Ice and water shield underlayment is key to making sure that moisture is locked out. We then installed new flashing and shingles, tying in new shingles to old and the new shingles into the new step flashings as well.

Results of this Repair

The client knows that the whole roof is in need of replacement, but he is not ready for that yet. He did want the chimney leak fixed right away to stop the leak and prevent more damage to his interior. Basically, this is a temporary fix that had to be done as though it was permanent. The client was very satisfied with our work. He is happy to not have water damaging his new interior sheetrock. His roof will eventually need to be replaced, but as for now the chimney repair will keep the moisture out.

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