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gutter guard installationE.M. Blue is a roofing company located in Peachtree City. We also do gutter and siding installations and repairs. In this article, you will read about this gutter guard installation in Peachtree City we have recently done. You will learn why we had to install a gutter guard and other details about this job. As you read this article, we invite you to consider us to be your local roofing company in Peachtree City! Gutter repairs are also a service we provide!

Our clients had a leak in their fireplace that was getting moldy on the interior sheetrock. They wanted this problem fixed as soon as possible. We found that water was pouring over the end cap of a gutter and flowing into a gap in the stucco. The problem was that the 30 ft long gutter (which was very high up) was clogged and had never been cleaned. It needed a 40 ft ladder to be reached so no one had ever been able to reach it. Also, the gutter was installed improperly, so water was running to the end with no downspout. We bid to clean out the gutter, install a downspout at the low end of the gutter, then install gutter guards on the length of the gutter.

Downspout Installation

gutter guard installationFirst, we set up the 40 ft ladder which was needed to reach the gutter. We then cleaned out the entire gutter. After the gutter was cleaned out, we installed a downspout at the lower end of the gutter. A downspout is the proper end to a gutter, so the water will now be guided down instead of overflowing the gutter. Finally, we installed gutter guards to keep debris from collecting and clogging the gutter.

Gutter Guard Installation Results

This job was unique because the height of the gutter kept it from ever being cleaned. There were old shingles still in the gutter from when the home was built. We were able to complete this job because we had the 40 ft ladder that is necessary for reaching it. Our clients were very happy with our work and they were excited we were able to thoroughly fix the problem.

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