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On June 13, E.M. Blue Inc. performed a Peachtree City roofing repair. The customers were a referral from a business networking group. This is one of many jobs that E.M. Blue has completed in Peachtree City. This job was a hog valley roof repair. Read more of this article to learn about the problem with the hog valley and what E.M. Blue did to fix this roof leak.

Roof Repair Description

hog valley roof repairThe customer had a leak coming in through their hog valley. They wanted it fixed so that the moisture would not get into their home and ruin the new hard wood floors.

A hog valley is a section of roof that is usually a lower pitch or angle of roof that collects a lot of water from the other two steeper roofs that flow into it. The hog valley is much wider at the top than the bottom. There is usually a wall that this valley meets at the narrow end causing water to accumulate at. The design of the roof is such that a lot of water is flowing into a very narrow space so if the roof and flashing is not correctly installed, it is a problem for the home owner. They also had a few missing shingles at other areas on the roof, and the small valley flowing into the hog valley was suspect as well.

hog valley repairWe bid to tear out the old hog valley and flashing and completely re-do it. Starting with ice and water shield first, then installing new shingles and step flashing against the wall. We would finish with counter flashing to cover the step flashing. We also bid to change out the small valley flowing into the hog valley and replace the missing shingles on the other parts of the roof.

How this Hog Valley Roof Repair was Completed

As we took off the old shingles, we found that the leak into the valley was caused by broken tar paper. We installed ice and water shield prior to installing the new valley shingles. We also found in removing the old hog valley shingles that the old tar paper did not go up the wall, so water was simply getting in between the tar paper and the old flashing. The old flashing was a trough flashing not step flashing.

We installed the new ice and water shield underlayment making sure to go up the wall, then installed the new shingles using step flashing against the wall. We then covered the step flashing with counter flashing and sealed it to the wall. We also changed out the missing shingles. They also had an old satellite dish on the roof and an old mount for another dish that they wanted removed. We were able to do this for them and replace the ruined shingles with new shingles.

Results of this Roof Repair

hog valley roof repairThis job turned out very well. The homeowners were completely satisfied with our prompt and courteous service. They loved how the new shingles matched the old shingles so well. This job is a great example of why E.M. Blue is the prime choice for a roofing company. At E.M. Blue, we do not cut corners. We make sure that the job is completed well so the customer is guaranteed a leak-proof roof.

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