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Original Roof Inspection Video

When we give a roof inspection to potential customers we attach a Go Pro to our head and show the home owner their roof. Our homeowners absolutely love this service because they get to really see what is happening without ever risking their life by climbing up on their roof. Here is the original video for this roof replacement in Newnan, GA.

Finished Roof Video

This video shows the roof after being finished completely by our crew. We get back up on the roof and show how it looks!

Job Details

Location of Job: Newnan, GA
When: Nov 2, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Inspection, Video Roof Inspection, Roof Damage Inspections
Brief Explanation I knocked on James' door as there had been multiple storms in the Summer Grove area. I offered a Roof Inspection and he agreed, but explained he didn't think there was anything wrong with the roof, & that USAA has inspected it some time ago and found no issues.

I did a detailed digital analysis of the roof, including a high definition video and found multiple problems. He had water leaking into his attic from holes created by squirrels. My video and inspections showed Mr. Welch each of these problems areas, so we could then talk about options and get his insurance involved. He ended up getting his Newnan Roof Replaced and was very very pleased.

After Photos

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Client Testimonial
When Robert knocked on our door offering a free roof inspection I really didn't think he'd find anything. But we were both surprised when he showed us a video of several damaged areas on the roof. Our adjuster came out and approved a new roof,… ~ J. Mark - Newnan, Georgia


Have you had and inspection done recently on your Home?

Most people don’t think about their roof that often. If they even get on their roof in the first place they don’t know what to look for or where potential problems may arise.

During storms and bad weather, lots of damage can happen to your roof. If that damage becomes severe enough it can cause leaks into your home.

You need to have a roofing installation professional on your side. I am a roofing contractor and do roof inspections all the time. Not only do I do the roof inspection but I make an interactive video of the roof inspection.

This way you can see for yourself any problems with your own eyes before any decisions are made. As a roofing contractor I am also very familiar with what insurance companies can help out with and how to handle them. I am the roofing contractor that will get the job done right and in your budget.