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Location of Job: Palmetto, GA
When: Nov 12, 2015
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Roof Replacement, Re-Roof, New Roof Palmetto, Georgia
Brief Explanation

When I first knocked on their door I simply offered a free roof inspection. After I showed them an HD video of the serious issues on their roof they were eager to move forward. We met and I walked them through the process of getting a new roof installed, pricing, & helped them file their claim.

Then they called their State Farm agent, who advised them against filing a claim, due to their '3 strikes' policy. The Maddox's, were concerned about being kicked off their insurance if their claim was denied, since it had been denied 2 years previous to this. I reassured them that the damage was unmistakable and the adjusters in the area were very good to work with.

After nearly 2 months they decided to continue with their claim. I met with the adjuster and they were extremely happy to see that their claim was approved for a brand new roof!

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Newnan, GA
Client Testimonial
When Robert knocked on our door offering a free roof inspection I really didn't think he'd find anything. But we were both surprised when he showed us a video of several damaged areas on the roof. Our adjuster came out and approved a new roof,… ~ J. Mark - Newnan, Georgia


Roof Insurance Adjuster Palmetto, Georgia

Once I walked them through filing a roof claim, I met with their adjuster and he agreed with me that their roof needed to be replaced. We discussed the scope of damages and needed items for replacement (new shingles, felt paper, etc.) as well as the fact that drip edge needed to be installed. Drip edge is a code required item that we installed, took photos of, and sent the documents to State Farm. They paid for this on the back end of the claim after the work was completed. The customers opted to upgrade to an architectural shingle, synthetic felt, & a 50 year Platinum Warranty to increase the value & beauty of their home.

Safety First

Due to the steepness of the roof our entire crew used ropes & harnesses, a laddervator to bring the shingles up, and installed flashing around the brick chimney, as the workmanship is being warrantied for 50 years.  The job turned out extremely well, with the roof only taking 1 day, and there being no issues with rotten plywood, etc