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roof replacement ptcWe have recently done a roof replacement in Peachtree City, Georgia! Read this article to learn more about the work we did here! Our client, Robert, has a nice home but his roof was past it’s prime. The roof was leaking in several spots inside his home and was causing problems with the interior, mold, stains etc. He initially asked for a repair price, but upon inspection, we found that it needed to be completely re-roofed.

Re-Roof in Peachtree City

roof replacement ptcIn order to fix this roof, we bid to replace the roof with new 30 year architectural shingles. We completed the job on Friday the 31st of January and Saturday the 1st of February. This job turned out excellent. Even though it had snowed that same week and there was still a lot of snow left on the roof, we cleared it all of and were able to finish the entire job in two days.

roof replacement ptcTo begin this job, we had to clear all the snow off the roof. We then removed one layer of shingles and tar paper and all the roofing nails. We then pulled out all the rotten sheets of plywood decking (six in all) and replaced them with new plywood decking using one half inch plywood. After the plywood decking was in place, we installed ice and watershield underlayment over the whole roof. The existing roof system did not use this product and it was a problem from day one because of the low pitch of the roof. Finally, we installed 30 year architectural shingles. The main flashing around the chimney was completely rusted out so this had to be replaced as well as all the pipe boots. We then installed the ridge vent along the whole ridge.

The New Roof Looks Great!

roof replacement ptcThis Peachtree City roof replacement turned out great! The clients absolutely love everything about the job, from the color of the new pipe boots and having no moisture in their home when it rains. If you need a roof replacement or roof repair, we encourage you to call us today! We guarantee we can fix any problem with your roof.

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