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Senoia Roofing Project

Senoia Roofing Project | Pictures

EM Blue Inc. does roofing in Senoia Georgia! If you have roofing needs in Senoia, we invite you to call us today! We do many types of roofing repairs and installations. Click here to read about a power vent repair we have done recently. We also do fascia and soffit installations and repairs in Tyrone, Senoia, and the surrounding areas!

Shingle Roofing in Senoia

senoia roofing projectOur Client is fixing up an old home in Senoia. The roof is new, but the large hog valley at the back of the house was never torn down to decking. When the roofing contractor in the past re roofed the home, they just roofed over decades of old layers of roofing that was leaking badly. You can see the old layers in the picture right. The roof pitch was too flat for shingles, but this is what was installed to stop the leak. Our client wanted the roof fixed properly so there would be no more leaks in the hog valley.

We bid to tear off all the old roofing in order to get down to the decking and trusses. We also bid to replace the broken trusses, redo the decking, then install a built up roofing system called modified bitumen.

Beginning Stages: Stripping the Roof

senoia roofing projectIn order to do this job, we first had to pull out several courses of shingles on the steeper pitch of the roof running down to the valley all the way around. We then tore out decades of old, rotten, wet layers of shingles and cold rolled roofing and tar paper until we got down to the wooden decking which was completely rotted out. Next, we pulled out the rotted and broken trusses and replaced them with new ones. We then installed new decking which was completely rotted out. We pulled out these trusses and replaced them with new ones. We then installed new decking which was a much stronger ¾ inch plywood.

Modified Bitumen Roofing

senoia roofing projectModified Bitumen is a built up roofing system that comes in 40” rolls and is installed with a hot torch. It is torched down to a fiberglass base layer which is rolled out and nailed down first, then the bitumen is torched down to it seaming the overlapping edges to a nice, tight seal. This created one big mat. Lastly, we tied in new shingles to the old ones and down over the bitumen which had been sealed onto the flat valley and up the sides of the steeper roofs.

Senoia Roofing Results

senoia roofing projectThis job turned out fantastic! We ran into a little more old roofing than we expected since every time a new roof was installed on the house throughout the years, they simply went over the old roof and it’s problems. The problem was that they always used the wrong roofing material for the job, the pitch was too flat for shingles, so when that leaked, they went over with more shingles! The hog valley on this home had leaked since day one.

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