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Tile Roof Repair Alpharetta

We Repair Tile Roofs in Alpharetta

tile roof repair alpharettaGot a leaky tile roof in Alpharetta, GA? You’re not the only one. We repair roofs in Alpharetta, Atlanta, and many surrounding locations! We repaired this tile roof July 19th, 2013. We usually come across shingle roof repairs, but we also do different materials such as wood shingle roof repairs, slate repairs, and tile roof repairs! Other services we offer include chimney cap replacements and flashing repairs.

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Tile Roof Repair Alpharetta

If you find a leak in your roof, notice a misplaced tile or shingle, or are not confident in how your roof is holding up, we can be of assistance to you! E.M. Blue can fix any of your roofing repair needs! Call today to get your roofing needs taken care of.

Tile Roof Repair

tile roof repair alpharettaThis customer has a very steep concrete tile roof that has copper clad dormers penetrating from the tile. There was a leak where the copper joined the tile on one of the front dormers. They wanted it fixed as they are trying to sell the house. When homeowners are selling, it is important that they get little things such as roof repairs fixed, as they can have large returns on the home selling.

In order to fix this tile roof repair in Alpharetta, we followed a few steps. We climbed up on top of the dormer and noticed that the sealing caulk had come apart. Using clear geocel caulk we re-sealed the leak. Normally, the joins in copper are soldered together with solder and a soldering gun but the original builders had too big of a gap to fill, so they used backer rod (a foam filler) and caulk to seal the hole. Over time, this caulk had weathered in the sun and come apart so we used a better caulk (geocel) to fix it more permanently.

Results of this Tile Roof Repair

This job turned out very well. I am familiar with this roof because I have been on this roof in the past with other issues. I know these people well because I have been servicing their roof for over ten years now. They call me whenever they have a problem with their roof. Tile roofs are different than shingle roofs in that they damage easier and need repairs more often. I have gained the trust of these customers. They know we will not leave until we have fully completed the job and left it 100% better than when we came.

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