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Toe Board Hole Repair Newnan

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toe board hole repair newnanThis is a toe board hole repair we did in Newnan, GA. Leaky roofs are often related to toe board holes left by the last roofing contractor. A toe board is a safety measure many roofers use. They are 2/4s nailed horizontally along the roof and they serve as footholds for the roofer. The problem with toe boards is that they leave holes from the nails in the shingles. Here at E.M. Blue, we do many types of roofing jobs, whether they be as small as a bulging shingle, or as large as a roof replacement.

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Toe Board Hole Repair Newnan

Caulking Toe Board Holes

toe board hole repair newnanThis is an article about a job we completed which entailed fixing toe board holes. This client had a leak in their upper back bedroom that was ruining the sheetrock and paint. We found that the problem was toe board nail holes in the shingles. We bid to simply seal the holes with Geocel caulk. In order to complete the job, we pried apart the shingles and applied Geocel caulk to the hole. We then laid the shingle back down, allowing the caulk to ooze out of the hole in the top of the shingle. This method forms a perfect plug in the hole

Toe Board Holes: A Common Mistake

toe board hole repair NewnanThe client loved our work because we fixed the whole line of toe board holes along the entire back of the house. Typically, toe board holes are fixed, but roofers are notorious for never fixing the perimeter holes on the bottom edge by the gutter. Most roofers figure that if they leak, it will just be into the outside soffit. The majority of roofers do not realize that the leaks cause the plywood decking to rot out, which causes a much bigger problem.

Mr. Eimer was extremely happy with the results of this job. He now did not have to worry about water coming in through the roof and ruining his paint and sheetrock. We take pride in our work and are proud of the fact that we pay attention to the minor details such as toe board holes. If you have a roof leak or need a roof repair, call E.M. Blue Inc today! We can get you started with your roofing job as soon as possible.

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We called Duane Clarke and EM Blue Roofing when water was dripping down the ceiling fan shaft onto the bed in our master bedroom. Water was literally dripping onto my wife and I during a storm one night. Duane and his crew came right out,…

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