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Tree Limb Roof Damage

Roof Damage Caused By Trees

tree limb roof damageE.M. Blue Inc. does repairs for fallen tree limbs and damaged roofs! If you have a fallen tree limb, or any other roof repair need, call E.M. Blue today! We are your Peachtree City roofing company that takes pride in the fact that we have been serving Peachtree City and the surrounding areas since 1995. We do gutter repairs, roof repairs and replacements for shingle and tile roofs! Read this article to learn about this fallen tree limb roof damage we repaired on October 8th, 2013.


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Tree Limb Roof Damage


Fallen Tree Limb

tree limb roof damageOur client had a tree limb fall on the shed of his roof and puncture the shingles and decking. He needed this roof damage fixed as soon as possible as water was getting into the shed. We bid to strip off the bad shingles, felt, and ruined decking. We would then replace them all with new material.

Fixing the Hole in the Roof

tree limb roof damageThis was a relatively easy job to complete because the roof had a low pitch and it was not very high up. In order to do this job, we tore off all the bad shingles and felt. This exposed the ruined decking. We then cut out the old decking and removed the damaged ridge vent. Next, we cut a new piece of plywood and installed it, then felted over the new decking with tar paper. Finally, we reshingled it all and installed the new ridge vent.

tree limb roof damageOur client was a referral from a business networking group that is located in Peachtree City. Many of our clients come from word of mouth referrals or referrals from this business group. We are a highly referred company, which shows how well we do every job we are faced with. We work to leave each client completely satisfied with our work. If a client is at all dissatisfied, we do all we can to fix the problem and make things right. If you need a roof repair in Peachtree City, call us today! We will get started with your roofing job as soon as possible.

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