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On May 20, 2013, I completed this job for Cassie. Cassie found my business on the website and called me. The job was in Fayetteville, Georgia and because I was near the area, I came over and fixed it for her right away! This Fayetteville roof repair is common but should not be ignored. The right thing to do is to call as soon as you see signs of a leak because a little leak can turn into a big problem if it is left for too long.

Job Description

Vent Pipe Boot RepairThe ceiling in Cassie’s bathroom was leaking, this was due to a broken vent pipe. I had to go in and repair the vent pipe boot, which was what caused the leakage. This roof was a 4-12 pitch so I could walk on it without any added support, and it only took me an hour to complete.


First, I had to locate where the leak was coming from. Cassie showed me the interior evidence of the leak. There was a brown spot on the ceiling of the bathroom. I knew then that it must have been the vent pipe boot that was causing the leak. Almost every leak in the bathroom is caused by a leaky vent pipe boot. The boot is very important because it joins the vent pipe and the shingles around it.

I began by stripping the shingles around the boot. I then removed the old boot, and put down ice and water shield around the pipe. Ice and water shield seals the area so no water can get through. After I installed the ice and water shield, I completed the job by putting the new boot in place along with the shingles.


Cassie was extremely thrilled with the results. There was no longer a risk of the leak getting bigger and causing more damage. Cassie did the right thing by calling as soon as she noticed a problem. If more homeowners acted as quick as her, the damage to their homes would be much less extensive and much easier to fix.

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