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Wood shingles are rare in the south because most people have asphalt shingles. They were more popular in the past, so many new roofing companies do not have the experience or knowledge to repair them. This was evident at the Dunnaway’s house. The Dunnaways called requesting a roof repair in Atlanta. They had tried other roofers, but none of them were able to stop the leaks. At E.M. Blue, our experience and knowledge allows us to fix the problems that others can’t.

Leaky Wood Shingle Roof in Atlanta

The Dunnaways had two leaks around their chimneys. It took further examination to find out what was causing the leaks and how I would go about fixing them.

Job Description

Wood Shingle Roof Repair Atlanta GeorgiaThe leaks on this wood shingle roof had been there for quite a long time. Finally, the Dunnaways decided to do something about it and get it fixed. Mrs. Dunnaway got my number from a builder that I used to do work for a few years back. She got a hold of me while I just happened to be working on another job just around the corner from her house. I met with her to check out the problem, and in two days, their roof was fixed!

On Tuesday, May 28th, we began to fix the roof. The bid was to change out the step flashing, re-do a portion of the wood shingle with new underlayment of ice and water shield on one chimney then do the same to the other chimney. Additionally I had to change out a leaking PVC pipe boot close to it one of the chimney leaks. Ice and water shield is a form of paper that I put beneath the shingles to seal the water out. This is just one of the things that I do to make sure that the repair will last and not pose a problem again.

Results of this Wood Shingle Roof Repair

The results were extremely satisfying. The Dunnaway’s roof no longer leaks and we can proudly guarantee that it will not leak any time soon. The key to fixing any roof is to do it right the first time. The roofers before me that tried to fix this roof had not thoroughly gone through all the leaking possibilities and in result, it needed to be fixed again. At E.M. Blue, we take pride in our promise for satisfaction guaranteed!

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