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Chimney Siding Repair Peachtree City, Ga

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Job Details

Location of Job: Peachtree City, GA
When: Apr 20, 2016
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Siding Repair, Siding Replacement, Siding Painting
Brief Explanation

Proper house and roof maintenance requires vigilant upkeep. Over time paint will lose it's protective seal and water can begin to damage your house. This is made worse in areas of high-flow water drainage from the roof.

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Repair Siding to Prevent Water Damage

In this job, the siding around the chimney was losing its integrity. Water damage was apparent. This water damage, if left untreated, could lead to mold issues as well as structural damage to the house.

To prevent the homeowner from suffering from much larger problems, we removed the compromised siding. The siding on two of the four sides of the chimney was deteriorating.

Repair, Replace And Paint To Match

Many times when doing this type of work, the damage will extend to beyond what is apparent on the surface. While the siding was off and the substructures were exposed, we evaluated the area for any underlying damage or mold growth. Being satisfied with the underlying support and barrier conditions we then replaced the siding with a matching product. Then we painted it with a high quality, weather-resistant, latex paint.

The homeowners were happy to see the water damage gone from their house. They were also pleased at the excellent paint match we found for their house. The attached photographs do a good job at demonstrating the restoration of the home to the original design and appearance.

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Newnan, GA
Client Testimonial
We called Duane Clarke and EM Blue Roofing when water was dripping down the ceiling fan shaft onto the bed in our master bedroom. Water was literally dripping onto my wife and I during a storm one night. Duane and his crew came right out,… ~ Phil Downs - Peachtree City, GA


Maintain Your House

To preserve the integrity of your house, and avoid costly structural repairs, you have to take care of water damage as soon as it is detected. Homes with small leaks can also grow poisonous black mold, as well as other allergy-causing molds. It is critical for your safety and your home’s protection to fix leaks fast.

Small Local Business

E.M Blue Roofing is a small local business. We are dedicated to our customers, ensuring their satisfaction. We guarantee our work, putting our customers at ease, knowing that they are covered for now as well as in the future.

My business used to only come from referrals – my customers love my work, and recommend me highly to their friends. This high approval rating stems from my dedication to quality work, as well as the prompt nature with which I get each job done.

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