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Flashing Repair Decatur, GA

We Offer Roof Flashing Repair in Decatur

flashing repairWe, your local roofing company, can repair any roofing need you may have! If you have a problem with your roof, call us today! The majority of repairs we do are roof leaks in Peachtree City, Fayetteville, and Newnan, but we will provide service for clients outside these limits.

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Flashing Repair Decatur, GA

This client in Decatur Georgia called us with a roofing repair. Dr. McNair had a portion of his roof that was leaking over a bay window. This leak was causing problems for him, so he needed it fixed as soon as possible. We bid to change out the old flashing that was causing the problem.

Fixing Flashing in Decatur, GA

flashing repair DecaturIt turns out that this was quite a simple fix. The problem was that the old flashing was simply a warped piece of aluminum that had come away from the brick causing a leak. In order to fix this roofing problem, we pulled off the old flashing and scraped off all the old caulking against the brick. We then custom build a new piece of roof to wall flashing to fit. We build that out of 26 gauge paint grip sheet metal. We then installed it and sealed it using clear Geocel caul to the brick. This client also had a flapping piece of chimney flashing, so we fixed that while we were there.

Results of this Flashing Repair

flashing repair DecaturThis job turned out extremely well. Our client not only loved the fact that his roof was leak free, he also loved how it looked! This only took an afternoon to complete, and now the roof is completely leak free. We provide results like this for every one of our clients! If you have a roofing repair need, call us today! We are excited to repair any problem you may have with your roof.

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