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Rotten Roof Deck Peachtree City

We Repaired This Rotten Roof Decking

rotten roof deckMany roof leaks and damaged roofs come from rotten decking. The roof decking is the plywood underneath the shingles. The decking gives structure to the roof. When shingles leak (or in this case, the pipe boot) water can access the decking and cause rotting to occur. This was a Peachtree City roofing repair. If you need a roof repair in Peachtree City, call E.M. Blue today!


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Rotten Decking in Peachtree City


rotten roof deckOur client had a bad leak coming through his skylight that he needed fixed right away. He was redoing his sheetrock inside his home so the water coming through his roof was a threat to the sheetrock. When we checked up on the roof we could see that the problem was with an old pipe boot that had been leaking for a while The wood decking below it had completely rotted out causing water to pour into his house every time it rained. The pipe was right next to the skylight.

How We Fixed This Rotten Decking

rotten roof deckFirst, we tore out the old shingles and felt paper. We then marked and cut out all the rotten plywood. We then framed up around the skylight with new 2×4’s and installed the new decking. Next, we added ice and water shield and tied in the new shingles and new PVC pipe boot to the existing shingles. The result was a well structured new roof where the rotten decking was. This Peachtree City rotten roof deck job took place on Tuesday, August 20. It took us about 6 hours to complete.

Rotten Deck Repair Results

rotten roof deckThe job turned out extremely well. The owner was afraid that we would not be able to replace the decking that had rotted out without tearing out the whole skylight. He was worried because some main trusses had also rotted out but he was happy with how we framed around the skylight to accommodate the new plywood decking. We also did other repairs on this home, and all of them were extremely satisfactory to the homeowner. None of the jobs we do have cookie cutter approaches We handle every roofing project as we would if it was our own home.

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